Individual coaching

As an accredited New Insights Life Coach, I fully recognise that my clients (or coachees) themselves are the only experts when it comes to shaping their own lives.  I meet my clients, usually face to face, to help them to design their own solutions to problems and challenges they face. Over a series of one to one sessions, I support clients to recognise their potential, using tried and trusted tools and techniques to empower them, in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

Of course, working with the needs of every individual is different, and each one will take part in a bespoke coaching process.

Examples of common topic areas covered in sessions are:

-Identifying limiting factors
-Goal setting
-Pleasure and pain
-Cognitive dissonance
-Transactional analysis
-Relationship with self
-Change cycle
-Consequences of change

The results of us working together will be that you will be empowered to establish what you want to achieve in order to be the best you.



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