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Challenged by change?

Are you at a crossroads in your life? You don’t want to continue on your current path but need to work out how to take a new direction?

You might be facing redundancy, feel that you’re marking time or you’re simply not sure. Perhaps you’re fed up with the monotony of everyday life or maybe you just fancy a change. Do you strive to do what makes you happy? Why not invest time and effort in your own development to start living your life purpose.

If you’re motivated, with the desire to shake up your status quo, I can support you, through life coaching, to make changes to shape your future.

Ready for Change?

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What makes your heart sing?

As a professional, accredited life coach, I will work with you to make the changes in your life that will enable you to  achieve your heart’s desire.

Over a series of one to one meetings, I will help you to understand and embrace the choices and changes that you’re facing. Using a flexible documented framework, we will work together to establish your goals and facilitate a comprehensive plan, defined by you, that will allow you to take confident steps towards your new, chosen path.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change

Dr. Wayne W Dyer


I preach what I’ve practiced

I’m Cliff Jerred, a life coach who knows about making life choices. Now based on the south coast in Hampshire.  I enjoyed 20 years in senior training, learning & development and volunteering roles,where I used my skills to enable individuals and businesses to make positive and sustainable changes.

Presented with a redundancy opportunity, I chose to take time out to invest  in my own development, to consider what I wanted to achieve. I took control and spent 2 years studying the theory and practical elements to pass my accreditation as a New Insights Life Coach.

I'm delighted I made the decision to make changes; now I'm sharing the principles that I learnt to change many of my thought processes. I now enable others to positively transform and fulfil theirs. It's a privilege to engage with people, build mutual trust and work closely to uncover what's really important to them.

Anyone who has met Cliff will agree that his enthusiasm and passion for supporting others to make the changes to 'live their best lives' is infectious.

Qualitymind coachee


"Fascinating, a real eye opener, allowing me to step outside myself and question my beliefs"


“I found that Cliff’s friendly, professional and confident manner really helped to get the best out of me”


“It made me focus on me”


“I learnt what’s important to me and set achievable goals”


“Cliff was able to tailor the content to make it as beneficial as possible”


“Cliff was easy to talk to, supportive and challenged my assumptions in a way that motivated me to realise my goals, which had been on the back burner, could be achieved!”


“I felt comfortable, the questions were searching but not intrusive”


“Cliff made me think in a different way, his open personality and ability to make me feel I could open up, made for a really productive session”


“It was an extremely insightful and motivational session. It made a lot of sense, I'm very grateful to have had this experience”


Individual coaching

Personal sessions designed to meet the individual requirements of every coachee

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Motivational speaking

Bespoke presentations guaranteed to captivate and inspire target audiences

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